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Bump Patrol Unisex Aftershave Formula for Sensitive Skin 57g

UGX 50,000

Product Highlights

The aftershave contains no alcohol and is non-greasy. It has moisturizer added to it to hydrate your skin.
Simply shave as you normally would with a good quality razor. When you are done apply Bump Patrol everywhere you shaved, and razor bumps will be a thing of the past.
Women love using this after shave treatment solution too!
They apply it after they shave their underarms, legs and bikini line to achieve flawless, healthy skin. It is a must-have during beach season! Waxing or getting laser hair removal? This aftershave works great when applied after treatment

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Reduce the appearance of unsightly ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burn with Bump Patrol. Applying treatment after shaving reduces the redness and irritation that occurs on skin after shaving, leaving a fresh, clean shave behind.