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Apdrops eye drops 5ml

Original price was: UGX 35,000.Current price is: UGX 30,000.

Dexona Eye Drops 5ml

Original price was: UGX 8,500.Current price is: UGX 8,000.

Nepaflam Eye Drop 5ml

Original price was: UGX 55,000.Current price is: UGX 50,000.

Probeta-N Drops – Eye,Ear&Nose 7.5ml

Original price was: UGX 6,500.Current price is: UGX 6,000.
Screenshot 2024-05-17 121745

X Beta Eye/Ear/Nasal Drops

Original price was: UGX 5,500.Current price is: UGX 5,000.

Hydrocortisone Cream

Original price was: UGX 8,000.Current price is: UGX 5,000.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 190542

Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Turmeric & MSM UltraJoint, 420 Capsules

Original price was: UGX 197,600.Current price is: UGX 157,000.

Women’s Waist Trainer

UGX 42,000
Version 1.0.0

Neuriva Nootropic Brain Support Supplement

Original price was: UGX 396,000.Current price is: UGX 366,000.


UGX 60,000
Version 1.0.0

Vitamin A & D Cream Prevent Diaper Rash

UGX 5,000

Dexamethasone 0.5mg DEXONA tablets 10’s

UGX 1,000

Diclofenac 100mg Retard Diclo-denk tablets 10’s

UGX 7,000

Diclofenac 50mg Dynapar tablets 10’s

UGX 2,000

Ebastin 10mg Erostin tablets 10’s

UGX 10,000
images - 2024-05-25T134550.388

Etericoxib 90mg Nucoxia tablets 10’s

UGX 25,000
images - 2024-05-25T132058.619

Prednisolone 5mg KAM PREDSOL tablets 10’s

UGX 1,000

Infant Formula Milk 400G Cow & Gate Nutrijunior 3 400G powder tin

UGX 45,000
images - 2024-05-25T124304.228

Pinkoo Gripe Water 120ml

UGX 7,000
images - 2024-05-23T193759.383

Mama Kit

UGX 35,000
images - 2024-05-22T123935.599

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast pump

UGX 150,000
images (97)

Good Sense Baby Bath

UGX 35,000
images (92)

Milton Sterilizing Tablets 10’s

UGX 15,000

Tips for Strong and Healthy Bones

Bones are living structures that are constantly regenerated. Here are seven tips to help your bones regenerate and stay healthy. STAY ACTIVE Regular physical activity helps bones regenerate. Weight-bearing exercises, i.e., those that require your bones to support your weight,

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